Meet DemiAura, the bleeding edge of progressive metal. Though DemiAura draws its influences from rogues and giants of the genre like Iron Maiden, Rush, Dream Theater, Tesseract, Periphery, Liquid Tension, Opeth, Cynic and many others, it remains utterly unique in its execution. DemiAura’s music is created without boundary or limitation, forged organically through pure improvisation and ultimately refined into complex, atmospheric metal.

Founded originally in the late 90’s, DemiAura is the latest incarnation of the ongoing progressive rock fusion project first conceptualized by drummer Keith Heaney. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, DemiAura’s fusion of many different stylistic directions and the band’s wild, unbound method of execution results in a dynamic sound that is often referred to as Progressive Metal Soundscapes by band members.
DemiAura’s music is fearlessly textured with influences from an endless bevy of styles. From progressive metal to jazz fusion and even film soundtracks, nothing is off the table when it comes to where DemiAura draws its inspiration.

DemiAura is appropriately comprised of a team of veteran musicians from wildly different backgrounds, and the band is currently seeking to round out its lineup (details below). Current members are:

Chelsea Wrathchild (Vocals)
Bobby Chavez
(Lead Guitar)
Keith Heaney (Acoustic/Electronic Percussionist)
Jonathan Gabriel Jr. (Keyboard and Programming)